Jonathan Salwan


Shellcodes database for study cases


Although now the shellcodes are rarely used, this page lists some shellcodes for study cases and proposes an API to search a specific shellcode. If you want add your shellcode in this database, send an email at submit at shell-storm org



This is very straightforward to communicate with this API. Just send a simple GET method. The "s" argument contains your keyword.<keyword>

Use "*" for multiple keyword search.


The output will be like that :

<auteur 1>::::<plateforme 1>::::<shellcode title 1>::::<shellcode id 1>::::<shellcode url 1>
<auteur 2>::::<plateforme 2>::::<shellcode title 2>::::<shellcode id 2>::::<shellcode url 2>
<auteur 3>::::<plateforme 3>::::<shellcode title 3>::::<shellcode id 3>::::<shellcode url 3>

For more information about how you can use it, read this shell-storm API python script. You can also find this API utilization in the Peda GDB project (shellcode command).