Jonathan Salwan


Shellcodes database for study cases


Although now the shellcodes are rarely used, this page lists some shellcodes for study cases and proposes an API to search a specific shellcode. Thanks all for the contribution of this database but we have stop to accept shellcodes because modern exploitation uses now ROP payloads.



This is very straightforward to communicate with this API. Just send a simple GET method. The "s" argument contains your keyword.<keyword>

Use "*" for multiple keyword search.


The output will be like that :

<auteur 1>::::<plateforme 1>::::<shellcode title 1>::::<shellcode id 1>::::<shellcode url 1>
<auteur 2>::::<plateforme 2>::::<shellcode title 2>::::<shellcode id 2>::::<shellcode url 2>
<auteur 3>::::<plateforme 3>::::<shellcode title 3>::::<shellcode id 3>::::<shellcode url 3>

For more information about how you can use it, read this shell-storm API python script. You can also find this API utilization in the Peda GDB project (shellcode command).