Kaminou-Kernel - Another (unfinished) mini Kernel from scratch

by Jonathan Salwan - 2012-11-11

Just another (unfinished) kernel from scratch... At first I didn't plan on releasing this project, but it's dying in a directory. This project was just for understanding how the kernel works.

The kernel works only for x86 32 bits.

Github https://github.com/JonathanSalwan/Kaminou-Kernel


cd ./Kaminou-Kernel
mkdir ./loop
make copy
make run (Only with bochs)

Emu/Vm Tested

This 'mini-kernel' has been tested and works with vmware, bochs, qemu and virtualbox. This kernel is compiled to Intel 32-bits architecture.

Vmware  : Create a new VM and set up the floppy image.
Bochs 2.4.5          : Use the bochsrc file
Virtualbox 4.2.6     : Create a new VM and set up the floppy image.
Qemu 1.2.2           : qemu-system-i386 -fda ./floppy.img

Features implemented

  • protected mode 32 bits
  • Ring 0
  • Ring 3
  • Multi process with simple scheduler (Multitasking)
  • Segmentation
  • Paging
  • Memory Allocation (it's sucks :P)
  • Choose custom Bootloader or Grub bootloader
  • Interrupts (keyboard, clock etc... (irq{0...7}))
  • CPU Exceptions (pagefault, zero div, etc...)
  • Syscalls